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Garrido's Bistro


The First Ever Edible NFTs

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contract CryptoShakes {

       return "Hello, World!";


NFTs are digital tokens that bring real life objects into the virtual space, where they remain forever. It is a genius system for proving and keeping track of ownership of anything: art, music, collectibles, and now even food!


On March 21st, 2021 we minted the first ever NFT of food, taking our most iconic Garrido's Extreme Milkshake, called Strawberry Supreme, and turned it digital. The real world item completely melted away within minutes, but now its NFT, the Alpha Token of our Genesis Series, exists forever in the blockchain!

How did we do it?


First, we created the real life Strawberry Supreme in all its splendor.


Second, we took almost 300 hi-res pictures of it, from every angle, taking in all the detail, quickly before it melted.


We used an actual Strawberry Supreme, like the one you would eat at Garrido's! No food photography gimmicks or play-doh ice cream.


Third, we used photogrammetry software to create a point cloud from the photos, this is the first digital step.


Fourth, the software created a textured mesh (3D object) from the point cloud. Then we polished some details and added the commemorative 3D token.


Lastly, we minted the token on the blockchain!

Does a restaurant fit in the block(chain)?


Once we understood how blockchains work, we were blown away. One particular thing that really stuck with us is how a blockchain maintains and guarantees uniqueness, they avoid duplicates by design, and this is a property of the natural world that for the first time translates to the virtual world; you can have identical twin siblings with same DNA, yet they are not one, but two distinct ones. It was like taking the red pill from the Matrix.


We have always found it odd, that even when you try to standardize your menu and cook every recipe the same way and strive for consistency: same ingredients, same processes, same everything everytime, yet the food taste and the sensation it produces is always different, even in sutil ways. That extra love, good vibes, passion do make a difference. So no matter how much we try to achieve consistency, the food experience will always be unique, getting the same dish from the same chef, will be unique every time... and now we can mint that in a smart contract for posterity.

Who are you guys?


If we have not met, we are Vanessa and Christopher, the Chefs and owners at Garrido's Bistro. Today, we live out our passion for food in Metro Detroit, Michigan, and we are excited to bring our food into this futuristic high-tech world of crypto and blockchains.


We should probably mention that we met in college when majoring in software engineering, so when we came across Bitcoin, crypto, blockchains, NFTs, and Web3 technologies last year, we knew we had to jump aboard, our first question was: Can we make digital food? It took a few months, but here we are, and we are the first!


Committed to our community


The past 12 months of facing the pandemic have been the most challenging for us, all the plans were turned upside down. But from the first day we made a commitment that no matter what, we would not let Garrido's be a place of transmission for the virus. Since then, we have not served our Extreme Milkshakes, that people came from all over the US with loved ones to share in this very unique and special experience. We miss creating that for our customers, but we remain take-out only until all our staff has a chance to get the vaccine to reopen the dining room safely. These Garrido's Bistro NFTs are a hope and a commemoration.

Is there more to come?


YES! We loved doing this process, it brought together everything that we love: food, technology, art, and it was too much fun. We are completing the Genesis Series with another NFT drop in the next two weeks, and then we are expanding to other menu items.

Would you like to own a piece of history?

Click on "Yes!" above to go to our auction on Rarible.


All proceeds from the NFTs will help Garrido's Bistro stay open, and potentially to open our very own "Garrido's Crypto Bistro" on Decentraland!

Special thanks for creating amazing educational resources and information to grow and keep

 the crypto-community thriving:



Willy Woo

Joseph Young

Coin Bureau

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