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Thanksgiving Weekend!


Happy Thanksgiving, friends!


We sincerely hope you are all enjoying a wonderful meal and time with your loved ones. 


We are all thankful for another year in business, for God’s goodness, mercy, and grace in carrying us through a couple tough years and allowing Garrido’s to still be here today, and for our wonderful and loyal customers that have been supportive and understanding through all the challenges in the six years we’ve been in business.


We are thankful for many things personally: for our lives, for enjoying good health, for all the blessings big and small, for the baby girl we are expecting, for the privilege it is to live in this land, and that we have more reasons than we can count to be thankful and celebrate this holiday.


We are also thrilled and grateful to announce that we are reopening this weekend!


Our tastefully decorated dining room now offers a more exclusive atmosphere, were you can unwind as you enjoy our unique dishes with expertly paired drinks, surrounded by the cozy intimacy of classical holiday decor.


Our food menu was revised with exciting seasonal offerings and more tropical flavors, and our bar offerings were expanded with craft cocktails and special occasion wines.


Due to the exclusive size of our dining room, reservations are required. 


The reservations system is available again on our website for your convenience.



Vanessa & Christopher

Red Christmas Wreath