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Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


Dear Valued Customers, it has been an immense honor for us to have served you. We thank you for your years of loyal patronage. Sadly, after careful deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to close the restaurant permanently. God bless you and this wonderful community! You were our home for almost ten years. We hope to serve you again in the future. Please stay tuned

About Us

Hello! We are the Garrido family, in the Spring of 2015 we opened the doors to our Bistro so that we can share with you our culinary heritage. Once you enter our cozy 14-table dinning room or sit on our patio we want you to be transported to the foods and flavors that make our memories, our backgrounds, and our culture.

Our menu combines Latin and European dishes, with true Venezuelan Sazón*! Just like us grew up in Venezuela after our families immigrated from Spain, Germany, and Ukraine. We want you to have a sensory experience: listen, see, smell, taste. Our food should be experimented without hesitation, our Latin roots are from Venezuela, right between the Caribbean and the Amazon, were flavors are mild (never spicy) and fresh, from tropical fruits, vegetables, Caribbean seafood and quality meats.

Seating is designed for couples and small groups. We offer a curated global wine selection, and fun tropical cocktails.

We cook for our customers the same way we cook for our family and ourselves. When you dine with us or order from us, we want you to know that you are getting a meal that is delicious, nutritious, safe, and made with passion by chefs who care.


We like to eat food cooked "from scratch", so when cooking for you, we avoid any unnecessary ultra-processed ingredients, we are rigorous with the quality or our ingredients, and are conscious of the amount of fat and carbs in our recipes.


At Garrido's we understand that not all ingredients suit everyone well, and this should not be a barrier to enjoying a great meal together. If you have any food allergies / preferences, please let us know as you order, we will try to accommodate your request, and if it is not possible, we will let you know and suggest alternatives. When ordering online, use the notes section and we will call you back if our chefs need more details.


Some particulars on common ingredients of concern:


GLUTEN: Most of our menu is gluten-free* or can be modified to be. 


* When we say gluten-free it means that we do not add gluten-containing ingredients to the dish and we do our best effort to not cross-contact the dish. Please, keep in mind that all common allergens are present in our kitchen, and this means that trace amounts of the allergen could end up in your food in spite of our efforts. 


With gluten some people don't mind traces or cross-contact, but other people do (celiac). If you cannot have traces, please avoid any ingredients from our fryer because it is shared with gluten-containing dishes.


DAIRY: We do not cook using dairy fats, we use only vegetable oils. Any dairy on our dishes will be listed on the menu as cheese, cream, et cetera.


SOY: The blend of vegetable oils we use may contain soy oil.


LATEX: Garrido's menu includes avocado and plantains galore! These ingredients are naturally-occuring sources of latex.


PEANUT & TREE NUTS: We do have peanuts and a variety of tree nuts in our kitchen. All of our desserts contain peanuts and tree nuts, and we do not offer at this time any alternative

The Original Extreme Boozy Shakes & Hot Chocolates

in Metro Detroit

As featured by:


ALLERGENS: All desserts, Milkshakes and Hot Chocolates at Garrido´s contain tree nuts and peanuts, or at least their traces.

All deserts contain dairy (milk), gluten (wheat), soy, and eggs.

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