David has had a passion for good honest and simple food since he was a little boy, always eager to help and learn from his mother, Laudelina, who was a wonderful cook, always looking for ways to please the palates of her 11 children. When it was time for David to go to college, he decided to become a teacher, a History teacher and thus find pleasure in his other passion, and he devoted many years instilling love for history and learning in his students. When he least expected it, he met Cristina, the greatest love of his life, who was a Chef, and both with entrepreneurial spirit decided to start the first Culinary Arts School in Caracas, Venezuela -High Training Educational Institute HTEI.

After more than two decades of dedicating to culinary and teaching, sometimes even combined, he developed skills in the restaurant, hotel and catering businesses, that allowed him to consult, advise and train for many restaurant owners, and F&B managers in Latin America and the USA.

David Garrido

Christopher Garrido

We are a bistro, true to its European concept, the small restaurant where food is always fresh and authentic, we care for you and want you to have a delicious meal in a comfortable ambiance with friendly service.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner, serving traditional American Breakfast with our signature, Venezuelan Specialties all day and a full menu for dinner. We craft special menus for holidays and special occasions.

Our menu changes throughout the year, not only adapting to seasonal produce, but also showcasing dishes from European and Latin American countries.

We pair our dishes with signature tea blends of exceptional quality, we brew the teas to order, iced or hot.

Vanessa always admired the cooking of her mom -Adela- and older sister -Susy-, who are, on her opinion, the best cooks in the family. From her mom came many Spanish recipes, specially from Galicia, where she is from, and from her sister came her curiosity for the cuisines of the world. She always enjoyed discovering new flavors and foods going to restaurants and traveling with Susy. 

When she was studying to become a Computer Science Engineer, she met Christopher, now her husband, and attended Culinary school, managing a complicated schedule to graduate from both degrees with honors.
She joined the staff of her Culinary Alma Mater, HTEI, very young, where she held different positions allowing her to hone her skills in the areas of culinary, hospitality and educational management. Later, completing an MBA on Educational Management in Universidad Metropolitana, Venezuela.

Her experience was complemented by other projects she developed pro bono researching, publishing and teaching about the effects of the foods we eat on our health and well being. At the heart of these projects was a radio show broadcasted live weekly with her dear friend, therapist, teacher and radio host Laura Montilla.

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Meet the Business Owners

Christopher grew up in Venezuela and comes from a family of immigrants, his grandparents are from Germany and Ukraine. Raised in a family dedicated to the food business, he decided to become a Chef, and went to culinary school, actually, the most important culinary arts school in Venezuela, High Training Educational Institute HTEI, founded by his parents more than 2 decades ago. His mom, Cristina, a Master Pastry Chef schooled in Canada, and his dad, David, a Culinary History professor, influenced him profoundly and imprinted in him passion for food and for bringing a great culinary experience to the table.

In Venezuela, after working as a cook, a restaurant and bar manager, and running a successful corporate catering business, he founded Agora Gourmet Restaurant with his wife, Vanessa. They still oversee the restaurant and travel to Venezuela from time to time.

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Vanessa Gonzalez